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Baker Bobby was born as an idea relatively recently in 2018, however my baking journey has its roots long before that date. I have been baking on and off for the past ten years. Few years ago my wife was diagnosed for gluten intolerance and she was told to quit bread as it was causing her a great discomfort. Eating bread at home is like a ritual and that news definitely wasn’t something we both were happy about. Through research and talking to other people we came to the idea of trying a sourdough bread. One of my colleagues advised me to get a book, which is now my bread bible, Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson. It turned my bread perception upside down. I created my own starter and began making sourdough bread. The results were instant, my wife did not have any stomach discomfort anymore, in fact she could eat as much and more bread than before. Another book, which is actually used in some culinary universities in the US, is Advanced Bread and Pasty by Michel Suas and it has given me some in depth knowledge about the wheat, the dough and the bread.
Since then my passion about bread have been close to obsession. My bread books library has grown exponentially to such an extend that I now have imposed a ban on buying new books until, well next time I buy a new book.
Anyway, if bread is king, than sourdough bread must be an emperor!
Now that my wife and my two years boy are happily eating a much healthier bread than a shop bought loaf I decided to start a micro bakery so other people can enjoy healthy living and tasty bread together. And for those who want to learn and want to become independent bakers, for those who are brave to experiment and have a passion for baking, I run small classes at my home kitchen. You will learn how to make, feed and revive your own starter, how to prepare different kind of sourdough breads and get a fundamental knowledge about bread, that will help you move to the next step in your baking skills.

"Life happens, baking helps."
"Life is what you bake of it."
"Bakers make the world smell better."
"Good things come to those who bake."